Here are common issues and solutions that Napa Auto Repair sees daily:


Question: My brakes make a hissing noise when I press the brake pedal. Why?

Response: The hissing noise could be your wear indicator letting you know your brake pad is low and needs to be replaced.


Question: Why are my brakes making a grinding noise when I press the pedal?

Response: This sound is often an alert of worn out metal backing in your brake pads. This grinding on your rotor causes more damage to your brakes. Brake repair is needed immediately in this case.


Question: How come my brake pedal will occasionally fade or feel soft, possibly going all the way to the floor?

Response: In this case come in immediately, this could be a defective master cylinder.


Question: My brake pedal is very stiff, similar to when the engine is off. Why?

Response: This is most likely a defective power booster. Come in immediately for brake repairs.


Question: I was told my brake fluid reservoir is low. What should I do?

Response: Most likely this is because of normal brake wearing. If the reservoir is extremely low or even appears empty it could be signs of a leak somewhere in the brake’s hydraulic system. If this is the case a brake repair is needed immediately.


Question: When I brake, the brake pedal and/or the car pulsates. Why?

Response: This is an indication that your rotors, or drums, are out of round. Meaning not perfectly round, as they should be. Resurfacing or replacement can fix the problem.



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