Casa Grande Location

Casa Grande Napa Auto Repair

Arizona’s Casa Grande Napa Auto Repair, formally known as Discount Brake Tune N Lube, has extensive experience fixing and maintaining both foreign and domestic cars and trucks. As a car owner it’s important to visit an auto repair shop with high-industry standards for excellence and customer satisfaction, such as the professionals at Napa Auto Repair in Casa Grande. These professionals believe in the importance of regular scheduled inspections to ensure that your car or truck life is maximized. In order to properly extend vehicle efficiency means regular check-ups and standard repairs when needed.

While the engine is the heart of the vehicle, there other important features that allow your car or truck to properly function. Regular brake checks, brake repairs, oil changes, replacing the timing belts, mufflers, belts, clutches, hoses, ensuring fluid levels in the power steering, coolant, transmission, and brake fluids are all important essentials to a healthy vehicle. We recommends a visit with the first sign of wear and tear, especially in terms of the vehicles brake system [see ‘Troubleshooter’ page for more information]. Neglecting vehicles basic needs could become a costly decision. Since oil and filter checks are the most common vehicle maintenance routine it’s important that every 3,000 miles those are being changed out and professionally replaced.

Visit or call our Casa Grande Napa Auto Repair location to schedule an appointment today or for any inquiring questions. The professional team is eager to help assist you through their experience and hands-on knowledge.


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